Volunteer Opportunities 

Due to the nature of cricket classes, multiple parent volunteers are needed to conduct SCCAY cricket classes and youth matches. Below are different volunteer positions you can take up:

Coaching/Classes - Help by helping coach players and managing stations in the Buena Park and Irvine cricket classes. In order to give players the opportunity to have targeted coaching and practice in each skill of cricket, parent volunteers are required to help hold these stations and to umpire practice matches 

Equipment - The numerous stations and matches that are held in cricket classes require many different pieces of cricket equipment, including, but not limited to, stumps, nets, balls, bats, pads, and keeping gloves. Additionally, as there are many new players, surplus equipment would be appreciated so as to give those who have been unable to purchase cricket equipment a chance to participate.

Team Assistance - If a parent is interested in helping the SCCAY team prepare for an upcoming tournament or match, select this category in the form below. Although this is not equivalent to being a team manager, it still allows them to prepare the SCCAY team with the logistics of a match.

Match Hospitality - Parents can volunteer by providing lunch, snacks, and drinks to both the host and visiting teams during a match to help players keep energized during the course of the match. Parents can also provide tables for the aforementioned materials and chairs for others.

Scoring/Umpiring - During a game, there are multiple scorers that are required to accurately keep track of the match. Team managers are generally busy advising players, so it is helpful to have other parent volunteers to participate in the scoring process. Parents can also serve as part-time leg umpires. 

Volunteering Calendar

It is strongly suggested that SCCAY parents volunteer at least once a month at any of the following events:

Irvine Weekday Practice(Mondays and Wednesdays, 5-7 PM): Held on weekday evenings, currently at Cypress Park in Irvine, though the venue is subject to change. Interested volunteers should closely monitor the schedule and location of these practices to avoid missing them.

Irvine Weekend Practice(Sundays, 2-4 PM): Held on Sunday afternoons at Brywood Park in Irvine. Generally has more attendees, so parent support is greatly needed and appreciated for coaching and stations.

Buena Park Practice(Saturdays, 9 AM-12 PM): Held on Saturday mornings at Smith Murphy Park in Buena Park. Most popular of all SCCAY practices, so many parent volunteers are needed to give the players needed practice.

Additionally, league matches against other clubs are frequently held at locations throughout Southern California. Interested parents can also volunteer at these upcoming matches, listed on the announcements page. This involves food arrangements, umpiring, and scoring.